About Us

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 1997 and began losing my hair shortly after starting my chemotherapy treatment. Trying to adjust to my hair loss and always feeling cold I made myself a hat that was reversible and seamless. People would ask me, “Where did you get that hat”. I gave hats away to friends and acquaintances that I met through treatment and later when I took up the sport of dragon boating.

I was sewing in the kitchen one afternoon and asked my youngest son Gary what should I call my new company and he said immediately “HOPECAPS because when I see you wearing a hat mom it gives me hope that you will survive”. HOPECAPS was born.

I soon realized that colorful, comfortable, good quality head0 wear was needed. Everyone encouraged me to sell my product. Now HOPECAPS are sold across Canada making people feel positive about themselves while going through treatment for cancer or for any other medical reason.

I joined Dragon’s Abreast, a Toronto based breast cancer dragon boat team and Canadian’s Abreast where women across Canada are members. Through these organizations I have traveled throughout Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore and China showing others that there is life after having being diagnosed with breast cancer.

From one dragon boat team that was started in British Columbia by Dr. McKenzie in 1996, doing a medical study, there are now over 150 teams around the world. Upper body exercise after breast cancer surgery was discouraged because it might cause lymphodema. Dr. McKenzie’s research has proven this notion to be false. Women and men from all walks of life are now safely participating in this exciting sport.

I would like to thank my family who are supportive and helpful in making HOPECAPS a success and a dream come true. A special thank you to my close friends, many who are survivors, that help me with all the sewing of HOPECAPS.